Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum. I am Nadia Syamila. Welcome to one of places where I pour my heart, my emotions, my feelings and most of the things out. May we inspire each other. Hope we meet in Jannah. Pray for me. And forgive me for my mistakes. Jazakallahukhayr.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Rest assured

Right now I am at Dublin a country so far from Malaysia my hometown where all of my beloved ones are there. .

Everyone and everybody in this life has and will experience loneliness at times.  I talked to a taxi driver who had lost her husband ten years ago feeling all lonely when she came home at night.  I've seen life story where a man who had one child feeling all lonely because he had lost her wife and had to take care his very own 5 year old son. .

This life would never be everyday happy and fulfilling. There will be a day or more, time when there is just an emptiness and loneliness. .

When you are feeling empty and lonely, first and foremost, understand your own nature being. .

Its okay to sometimes feel some sort of emptiness and loneliness and sadness and hurtfulness. .

However, know this by heart, that Allah never leave you alone. .

Your creator is with you all the way in this journey in this life. .

Know this by heart, sometimes Allah takes away people in your life, making you all alone for you to be focusing to remember Allah and to do things that benefit you. .

What are the things that benefit you, that you can do when you have nobody disturbing you? .

It is of course ibadah, remembering Allah, studying, memorising, working hard, practice, taking care of our self and physical.. And many more! .

Therefore know this, as much as you missed His other's creation,  He is the One who misses you even more!

Rest assured in heart that He is with you up there taking good care of you and His promises for those who had lost their beloved in this world will meet again each other in the hereafter and live happily ever after there. .

Rest assured and believe in His promises in the Quran because we are the believers. .

The mu'minun.
The mukmin, their's heart is rest assured.
The mukmin,  their's heart is rest assured and content with everything Allah put them through❤

So rest assured my dear, soon you will be so happy.

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