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Monday, March 5, 2018

He yelled helplessly

I just finished my obs & gynae casualty today at 8pm and I was at the bus stop to wait for the bus.  

So there I was at O'Connel Street in this cold winter night, thinking of going back home and finally reached my comfortable house and my lovely room.

And SubhanaAllah suddenly the eyes and the heart saw something.

There is an elderly man who was in obvious state of discomfort due to his facial paralysis (the face is not symmetrical - can caused by many reasons such as Stroke, Upper/Lower Motor Lesion etc) , he was also in a mechanical wheelchair (it can be controlled via buttons to go left and right) .

He cannot speak propperly and his eyes was not able to see propperly yet he is alone with groceries shopping bag hanged at his wheelchair. 

He was crossing the road with his wheelchair and at that time however, the traffic light for crossing the street is red.  And he cannot go back to the side of the road immediately as the cars were approaching him.

So he yelled helplessly "help, help!" :''
Ya Allah.. 

Looking at that elderly man around 60+ I might say, my heart sinks so much. 

He has no carer at that time and he is alone and he cannot walk and his face is asymmetrical so he could not see properly and also speak propperly. 😭

Ya Allah, may You grant Him so much comfort, happiness, mercy and especially cure for his sickness and grant him the best returning to You ya Allah..

It was such a heart opener day. 

How is it that we forgot of the health that has been given to us is one of the biggest blessing from Allah? 

Ya Allah for not thanking You enough, all this time.. I am sorry.. 

I am so sorry ya Allah :'