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Saturday, April 8, 2017

I love you.

In the time when Allah gives you tests, that was the time when you have to remember your nikmah the most, because wallahi its hard but you can.

People who intentionally hurt other people won't get away from what have they done because Allah is the Most Fair towards their slaves.

And for those who forgives other people are in better places.

Sometimes you don't know the true colour of your friends until a day when Allah reveals to you. If they are sincere they won't backstab you.

But if they backstab you, then undo your love.

Because your precious heart and love are meant to be most for Allah, and then your family and then for those who are ikhlas being with you; your true sahabat.

Alhamdulillah because everything happen for a reason.

For those who love to attack people and harass people emotionally know that Allah sees it all.
For those who felt satisfied doing that, know that Allah listens to the du'a of the oppressed ones.
Ya Rabb alhamdulillah for them.

In Islam, protect the weak is not just humanity but it is an obligation.

May Allah save us from people who are not worth of our precious heart and only lead us to those who worth every single of our love.

And remember those who love you truly and had been there with you through thick and thin. 

This special post is dedicated to my family and sahabat as an appreciation for always be there for me through my ups and down

To my beloved mummy - Zarra Raz, my beloved daddy, Nash Salleh, my beloved sisters, Shaira and Syarah , my beloved sahabat Aini Wahab , Nadia Omar, Nur Syiffa Rosman, and many more.

Thank you so much for being there with me through thick and thin and stay with me for my strength and my weakness. I love you.

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