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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Being loved and to love

"Being loved and to love" is the best thing in life. Even our religion, Islam starts with love.

Allah loves His slaves purely and out of His love, He sent people to love His slaves.

It is beautiful because love and mercy comes together and didn't ever separate. For Mercy is a form of love, and Love is a form of mercy.

When you have mercy towards others, its actually Allah whom instil it within you out of His Mercy for you.

Allah said so in the Quran for our beloved Prophet s.a.w. "it is out of Our Mercy that you become soft to them,if you were to become harsh, they would have flee from you". SubhanaAllah. I find that this ayah is so an interesting ayah.

Allah is so nice and out of His pure unconditional love, He makes people in love with each other because of Him.

Sometimes there just no ultimate reason to love people. It just therefore for the sake of Allah and it is from sincerity of the heart.

For those who always come back to Allah and then lost for a while and then come back and then lost again, for them is ultimate forgiveness.

Allah said in Hadith Qudsi.. "for them is ultimate forgiveness because they know their Lord whom are the Most Forgiving to them"
"They have yaqeen in My forgiveness towards them because I am the Most Forgiving, the Oft Forgiving"

SubhanaAllah. How much kind is Allah is.

I love this hadith so much and it has humbled me because you know, my mistakes humbled me.

And truly its better to be humble than to be arrogant and sometimes Allah causes us to do some mistakes in life to humble us.

Therefore never feel remorse or despair over a fall, instead feel grateful because it is indeed a blessing so that we always come back to Allah.

Alhamdulillah for a harder test, alhamdulillah for the more beautiful nikmah, alhamdulillah for getting better than we expected.

Alhamdulillah ya Allah for everything in this life. May You sustain and increase our blessings and may You grant us the best returning to You in Paradise.


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  2. Beautiful words.. may Allah bless you with health,wealth and love. Regards!

  3. Rudy Jr. may Allah bless you too so much! Jazakallahukhayr