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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Who gonna love you sincerely

Dear girls and specifically muslimah. This is a thread about jealousy and evil eye.

Why would you feel jealous of people of Allah has given more beauty or happiness and success for example?
Allah has said in the Quran that..

There are group of people whom Allah increase them over another due to their hard work and efforts.

And if you want something you can ask Allah, so Allah will give them to you inshaAllah but don't feel jealous of those whom Allah has given the same or more.

Let me tell you something, jealousy can ruin relationship or friendship just like a blink of an eye.

And syaitan loves that. That the relationship and friendship (ukhuwah) because of Allah is ruined. Thats their target. So why would us as a muslim and mu'min succumb to that?

If you see people that become more beautiful over years, be happy for them and say alhamdulillah because if you love them because of Allah you would want them to be beautiful, happy and successful. That's real love. So why would you build envy in the heart for them?

For those who feel insecure and not jealousy, you need to see those who are below than you. Those who are less fortunate than you. Because..

Because Rasulullah s.a.w. said so. The best of mankind said so. If you keep on scrolling the instagram for example with all those filters..
and perfection you tend to feel lack of self esteem and lack of confidence even though Allah Himself said that you were created beautiful.

And don't let your feeling of insecurity make you run away from people who love you sincerely.

Because sometimes you felt like its easy to find people who gonna love you sincerely but actually its hard. You are lucky if you've been loved this way. Say and feel alhamdulillah.


Therefore I wanna share with you some supplications and du'as to be recited always for protection of jealousy, hatred and evil eyes
The best surah for protection of hasaad and jealousy is Surah Al Falaq.

And there is one ayah that Rasulullah said if you read this 7 times, both of your duniya and akhirah will make you feel content.
This is Surah at Taubah, ayah 129. And then I recommend you to recite one ayat in al Mathurat that says ya Allah I seek refuge by your kalimah..

Ya Allah I seek refuge by your kalimah(words) from all of Your creations.

May Allah protect our friendship and relationship because of Allah from all the jealousy, hasaad, hatred and evil eye.

Ya Rabb, we seek refuge and protection from You the most Highest.

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