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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Taste of Paradise

I feel like this Ramadan, is really fast.

It reminds me of how this life is like a blink of an eye.

It scares my heart, because I remember when Allah says 'You only live for a short while in this duniya if only you know'

And though how much this Ramadan is really fast...

It teaches me "with hardship there are a lot of ease". Just as Allah mentioned in the Quran.

I cannot be thankful enough to my Lord whom the Giver of the ability to taste a lot of delicious food especially during breaking the fast.

I cannot be thankful enough to my Lord for giving me the glimpse and taste of Jannah.

Being able to spend this Ramadan with my beloved family is a taste of Paradise from Allah to me.
Because Paradise won't feel like Paradise if you are alone and not with your beloved for example, your family.

Ya Allah..
The companionship that You grant me during this Ramadan with my family is so beautiful ya Rabb, thank You..
For every laughter my mum and my dad made, and I captured it into my heart and my mind.. thank You ya Allah..
For every smile and adventurous moment with my siblings, that I captured it into my heart and my mind... thank You ya Allah.

Ya Allah, I really don't know when will my time end, or when will their time end...
I don't know when will I go... or when will my beloved family go...
I don't know that ya Allah.. :'

but thank You ya Allah.. Thank You for this moment and this taste of Paradise in duniya.

I feel like this Ramadan is a forgiveness and mercy from You to us so much.

For every of our tiredness and every slept that You have given us, thank You ya Rabb.

I know You promised us Lailatul Qadr in this blessed month of Ramadan.
And we really want to be granted the night of better than 1000 months ya Rabb.

But I hope we know this by heart... sincerity goes all the way.

Dear people, ikhlas is really beautiful.

When we really did something, any good deed, purely, ikhlas, sincerely for Allah,

"sincerely ya Rabb this is for You, this is for my thankfulness towards You"

know that it is much more than receiving rewards of 1000 months.

It is much more because dear people, it is called ikhlas.

It is called ikhlas becoming Allah's creations. Accepting the good and the hard time of this life because we are the servants of AlMighty.

Ikhlas being with Allah and taste the happiness of worshiping Allah in prayers and in remembrance of Him in this blessed month of Ramadan.

Alhamdulillah ya Allah for every happiness and tranquility in prayers.


May Allah grant us ikhlas and full sincerity for Allah so much in this beautiful month of Ramadan.

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