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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Never-ending bliss

I saw the post of this du'a taught by our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. to Ammar ibn Yassir.
MashaAllah such a beautiful du'a.

Ya Allah, by Your knowledge of the Unseen and by Your power over Your creatures,

let me live a life that You know is best for me

and let me die a death that You know is best for me..

Ya Allah, I ask that You grant me fear of You inwardly and outwardly,

and I ask that you grant me a truthful word in both contentment and anger,

I ask that You grant me the just mean in wealth and poverty,

I ask that You grant me a never-ending bliss and an incessant joy..

I ask that You grant me satisfaction with Your judgement and a pleasant life after death.

I ask that You grant me the vision of Your noble face  
and passionate longing for a meeting with You without a harmful affliction nor a misleading temptation.

Ya Allah, adorn us with the adornment of faith..

Ya Allah, place us among those who walk on the right path..

Ameen ya Rabb.

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