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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The smallest thing

For, Allah He is ya Sami’ 
The All Hearing and All Listening…

How do I tell you this name of Allah so much?

You know when your friends talk to you so much that you listen to your friend, but suddenly in between time that is running, your mind was somewhere else and thinking good about Allah and said in your heart 'ya Allah perhaps You will give me guidance and love always…’.. that time when your friend doesn’t know your heart is talking to Allah, at that time….knew that, He heard you. 

SubhanaAllah. :'

And then you know when you walk upon street at dark night where theres chill and fear, that silence surrounding you but you keep on walking, trusting Allah will protect you and your heart reciting His words, that is the time… that moment.. knew that He up there.. He listened to you. 

For everywhere you go, between the time, between the hurt, between the laughter, between the tears, between the feelings and emotions, He heard you attentively.

Allah doesn’t just listen to you. But He give you, His full attention. 

Your heart is tiny... really tiny. But what your heart want, is limitless and endless. Have you ever wonder why? Because your heart, your soul are created to be with Him in Paradise where its limitless, where its endless and nothing that will break you. There is where your heart belong. 

But really knew that your heart is created with such that the Angels are so immensely amazed by it. 
You know why? 
Because your heart will find happiness and excitement and gratitude in the smallest thing that Allah did for you.
So in one hadith, the angels one day say to Allah, Allahu Akbar. And Allah says to the angel, "they are happy and praise Me for just the duniya that I gave them, how would they be when they see what I have reserved for them?" And the angels said "they would praise You even higher" :’

Allahu Akbar <3

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