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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Deepest of Ocean

Do you want to listen to a story? Maybe its a just a story I mean it can be true, it can be not true. Its up to you really to believe it or not but we can get ibrah and iktibar from it inshaAllah.


One day after some of a long confusion about something and hurt a bit at heart (a lot actually), I slept and I dreamt about an ayah in the Quran.
This ayah sounds like this in my dream :

"Whats in duniya is belong to Allah, and whats in the akhirah is belong to Allah"

I never really heard this before.

But in my whole life I heard and learnt this statement 'All belong to Allah' or 'All in this duniya belong to Allah and will return to Allah'

But I never came across or really learnt the ayah of 'whats in the akhirah belong to Allah'

I mean its so intense and powerful here because my confusion and my hurt is something to do about akhirah before I slept.

So suddenly after a few while Allah met me to an ayah in Surah An Najm subhanaAllah! :"

Let me copy to you whats in Malay tafsir written (the translation in Malay) in my tafsir Quran book:

"Atau apakah manusia akan mendapat segala yang dicita-citakannya?" (53:24)

"Tidak! Maka milik Allah-lah kehidupan akhirat dan kehidupan dunia" (53:25)

When I read this ayah,

my heart sank to the deepest of the ocean. 

Because Allah knew what I want and what I hope for. And thats what my heart wonders for Allah before I slept and its about akhirah.

So when the next ayah is written here 'Tidak!' I was really falling. Really. 

Ya Allah.

And then I say in my heart 'its okay ya Allah.. its okay even if whatever I want in akhirah is No from you.. its okay let me not get it then, its okay as long i have You..' 


And then you know what happen?

I recite the Arabic words. And subhanaAllah.

There is not at all written 'No! ' there by Allah :' 

because alhamdulillah I am in progress learning arabic language (the Quranic language) 

The trueth translation of this ayah word by word is (I take from the Quranic Translation book)  :

  1. 53:24  "Or shall the human being have what he wishes?"

  2. 53:25  "To Allah belongs the Hereafter (akhirah) , and the world (duniya)." 

SubhanaAllah. There is not written here 'No' at all.

Allah is just saying, To Allah belongs the akhirah and the duniya.. 

So whatever you wishes that is for duniya and akhirah knew that... to Allah belongs the akhirah and duniya.. 


So don't be shy of asking Allah something even if its really really big thing. Knew that Allah is The Biggest. The Greatest. Allah is more than everything you can ever ask for. 

Ya Allah, Indeed You are so Kind towards us. :'


p/s : dear, it doesn't mean you have to learn arabic language then and only then you would grasp the whole meaning of ayah because you cant trust the translation 100%. No it doesn't mean that way. Not all ayah in the Quran that there is adding up words. Just some of them (and they have their own reasons and hujah for them to add) but of course for me, I don't accept any addition to the words of Allah. But alhamdulillah no matter what we can still learn the Quran by using the tafsir that we had even we don't learn arabic language. Its still amazingly good enough <3

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