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Monday, March 7, 2016

My heart cannot comprehend

Ya Allah... really I wanna sleep now..
I m really tired..
but my heart wanna write something for a while..
I hope you guide my writings ya Rabb


Ya Allah, for everything You guide me to learn the Deen,
the more beautiful is the Deen in my sight..

However ya Allah, some people practice the Deen in different way from the way You teach and beloved Rasulullah s.a.w. teach us

So tell me.. how do I say something that my heart cannot comprehend?


Ya Allah, how could some people used Your words for their own desires ya Allah?
I cannot comprehend that ya Rabb

Ya Allah, my fitrah don't understand.
I mean... How could some people cheat on other people?
Especially their spouses? Their given halal ones by Allah

My heart cannot comprehend
Didn't they have mercy towards their wives ya Allah?


And for anything if I don't understand I trust You ya Rabb...
I am surely ya Allah.
Rasulullah s.a.w. never did polygamy out of his nafs, never and I am sure and certain of that

But today most of people did this out of desires.. why did they do that
Why don't they have mercy to the one that they love?
Why don't they think that sharing physical and love is really... ya Allah like how could they do this to their beloved ones..

really my heart cannot comprehend this

the hardest part ya Rabb, when a non muslim ask me why...

And how do I answer it ya Rabb

when the muslims doing wrong themselves
not the way or how its being allowed



Alhamdulillah for this favour of having good thoughts of You ya Rabb
I knew You will save me from this ya Allah

I knew because my welfare and rezqi is in Your hand
I knew because
I knew You
I knew You will reserve me that special one ya Allah
The one that You had promised me long time ago
The one that You would grant for my soul here if I'm still alive..
And hereafter when You wakes me up later

its okay... dear heart, don't be scared of anything
for Allah is Your protector..

Thank You ya Allah

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