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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why don't we think before we blindly believe?

Allah says

  1. 30:21  From His signs is that He created for you
    mates from yourselves that you may reside with them, and He placed between you affection and compassion. In that are signs for a people who reflect. 
From yourselves - dari jenis diri kamu sendiri 

So when the scholars said that men will be granted mates in Jannah (made from saffron (or whatever they have said regarding Hooris (white female that have lustrous eyes (their exclaimed translation) , is extremely contraindicated with this verse of Allah, which Allah said, Allah creates mates (spouses) among you yourselves. Not from any other being

And Allah said in this verse of the Quran 

Allah has placed affection and compassion - kasih sayang dan rahmat (belas kasihan)

Therefore, if that the case one should ponder why would Allah cause jealousy among spouses due to Hooris (that they made up) claimed to be promised in Jannah to either one of them (or both)? Since Allah himself said and promised that He placed between you and your spouses affection and compassion? 

Therefore its clear that this all Hooris thing is a pure invention, and one should definitely ponder on the verse of Allah and review back the lies and wrong interpretation of Quran that they had made up.
One should be careful and search for the right translation of Quran (especially from Arabic to any other languages) (there could definitely some point that are clashes).

I will continue my discussion and my findings later on inshaAllah. 
May Allah guide me and all of us always.


  1. 12:23  The woman, in whose house he was
    staying, attempted to seduce him away from himself. She closed the doors and said, "I have prepared myself for you." He said, "I seek refuge with God, He is my Lord, He made good my residence; the wicked do not succeed." 

12:24  She desired him and he desired her, had it not been that he saw His Lord's manifest evidence; thus We turned evil and lewdness away from him, as one of Our loyal servants.
  1. 12:32  She said, "This is the one whom you blamed me for, and I have seduced him from himself but he refused. If he does not do as I command him, he will be imprisoned, and he will be one of those disgraced." 
  1. 12:33  He said, "My Lord, prison is better to me than what they are inviting me to do. If You do not turn their scheming away from me, I will fall for them and be of the ignorant." 

Dear everybody, some scholars and people said the reason why men will be granted  Hurrul ayn and women no need (by the way the huurul ayn actually means pure springs but what they claim is fair female with lustrous eyes) is because they said as if they know the psychological of a woman being, and they said that women don't struggle as much as man do in term of controlling the desire. 

And 'they' claimed that because of the struggle that they had, they receive better. Ya Allah. 
But now, in Surah Yusuf, Allah has justified how Allah created a woman. The woman in Surah Yusuf is the wife to Al Aziz. And she attracted to young man, Prophet Yusuf a.s. while she was already wife of somebody!

Not just attracted. But Allah mentioned here in ayah 24 of Surah Yusuf that she desired him. 
And then after her husband find out, we go to the ayah 32 when she still command him to do what she wanted to do with him. Like again? After being known for the wrongness of seduction and so on?

SubhanaAllah. So now, you have to understand here, why Allah is telling all of us the amazing story of Surah Yusuf. Women is created also with struggle and desire. Of course in terms of power of visual of man had or what so ever, Allah command women to more covering the aurah but note here that BOTH believing man and women are commanded by Allah to lower the gaze and guard modesty. 

MashaAllah. Think what I have said, I won't go any further about this. I won't say anymore. 

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