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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Perhaps Allah will guide me


Assalamualaykum my brothers and sisters in Islam,

Alhamdulillah Allah is so nice to finally clear the burden inside my thoughts. (Refer to the older post - Truth of long lies )

On the journey of finding the truth for calming the chest, I have encounter many things that are falsely made up in our ad Deen (our Islam religion)  and also they claimed as if our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said it.

SubhanaAllah May Allah guide us to the truth always.

Thats why du'a is the most powerful thing in the heart and soul of believer.
When we make du'a to Allah, we are ensure and truly faith that no matter what Allah will guide us.

SubhanaAllah if we look inside the Quran in Surah Qasas, Allah says that Prophet Musa a.s. pray to Allah 'Perhaps Allah will guide me' SubhanaAllah

Its so beautiful. Perhaps my Lord will guide me. MashaAllah

It shows how much good thought of Prophet Musa a.s. about Allah and at the same time he made du'a for guidance mashaAllah.


Allah is so nice to us. Sometimes we have to take a break from the thoughts that burden us to see around us that Allah indeed still blessed us so much and take care of us so much. When we are hungry, Allah fed us. When we are sick, Allah cured us and took care of us. When we are alone, Allah protected us. SubhanaAllah.

You know, I really are so fascinated by this  -whoever istighfar so much in a day, Allah will make a way out for every of his problems and situations.
(this can be found in Quran as well for those who turns to Allah asking forgiveness in Surah Hud)

We should always istighfar to Allah , ask forgiveness sincerely to Allah.

Perhaps Allah will forgive me and guide me :'


In searching for truth and guidance we have to understand this verse in Surah Taha

20:2  We did not send down to you the

Quran so you may suffer. 

Know that anything from Quran could never hurt you badly, or make hard on you or shows inequality or racism of the creations of Allah. This is the basic fundamental that we should know, because it links to the attribute of Allah, Ya Adl, The Most Just. Hence He practice justice and never cause zulm (wrong/ suffering) for anybody 

Secondly we have to understand this verse in Surah Al An'am

6:116  If you obey the majority of those on earth they will lead you away from God's path; that is because they follow conjecture, and that is because they only guess. 

By the way, conjecture here means (opinion on incomplete information). Therefore, it means here when we search for knowledge for Allah, we need to not just obey the majority opinion, for example majority ulama' doesn't means they are right. We need to search for true knowledge with right information, seeking and asking for Allah guidance.

  1. 13:37  Thus, We have sent it down a law in
    Arabic (the Quran).  If you follow their desires after what has come to you of the knowledge, then you will not have any ally or protector against God
Thirdly, Allah has stated in Quran, that Allah had sent the Quran in Arabic. And when the knowledge has come to us from Allah (which is the Quran), if we follow other people's desires (lust for example), then we will not have any protector. SubhanaAllah. May Allah safeguard us. 

  1. 47:24  Do they not reflect on the Quran? Or are there locks on their hearts? 
Allah ask us in the Quran to reflect on ayah in the Quran. So that our heart shall not be locked and closed. SubhanaAllah. May Allah open our heart to always ponder and reflect the beautiful kalimah of Allah.

  1. 56:77  It is an honorable Quran.
  2. 56:78  In a protected record.
  3. 56:79  None can grasp it except those pure.
  4. 56:80  A revelation from the Lord of the
The ayah in Surah Al Waqiah mention that none can grasp the words of Allah as hidayah in the heart except for those who are pure. For those who are full with lust and desire will take the ayah of Allah and use ad Deen to mislead others. These can be seen as threatened now in this world for a lot of examples. SubhanaAllah. 

4:82 Do they not reflect on the Quran? If it were from any other than God they would have found many contradictions in it. 

Again Allah ask us to reflect the Quran, to ponder over it, why the Quran only is mention here? Because if other than God (such as hadith as well (noted only obligatory hadith and confirmed sahih hadith should we use to seek for knowledge ) (other than that, Allah has stated here, we would have find many contraindications.) SubhanaAllah thats why first and foremost stick to Quran (And the right translation of Quran) . May Allah keep us on the right path to Him and save us from any lies and contraindications that people had made up.

2:260 Ibrahim said, "My Lord, show me how you resurrect the dead." He said, "Do you not already acknowledge?" He said, "I do, but to assure my heart." He said, "Choose four birds, then cut them, then place parts of the birds on each mountain, then call them to you; they will come racing towards you. Know that God is Noble, Wise. 

Look at this even Prophet Ibrahim a.s., ask Allah to show him, to assure his heart. Therefore when we search for knowledge and becoming people of think it doesn't mean we don't trust Allah (on certain thing that we are looking for confirmation and clarity), it means to assure our heart. Therefore, Quran teach us to use reasons (mind) (thoughts) (eyes) (heart) to assure the heart about Allah and to increase one's faith (Imaan). 

Alhamdulillah. Therefore, we should be searching for knowledge and guidance (nur, hidayah, light)  
all the way in our whole entire lifetime. 

May Allah bless us with guidance all the way to His Jannah. Ameen.

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