Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum. I am Nadia Syamila. Welcome to one of places where I pour my heart, my emotions, my feelings and most of the things out. May we inspire each other. Hope we meet in Jannah. Pray for me. And forgive me for my mistakes. Jazakallahukhayr.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hayatud' Duniya

For 2015,
Ya Allah, for this year have been such a memory for me. Such a turner in my life, an adventurous one, sometimes I was being tested and alhamdulillah the tests had change me inshaAllah to be better in a way that I could not expected. But most of all…

Your blessings are so much to me ya Rabb. I can’t remember how much delicious and extremely delicious food that You have provided for me this year because it just so much, wallah. And I am sorry for not be able to thank You enough ya Allah. And You had given me so much ya Rabb, I could never count Your gifts because it just so much.

For this year, I have experience incredible and beautiful things between me and You, ya Allah I pray to You so that You never let me, my family, my sahabah and my loved ones to go astray from You ya Rabb, and so that You love us so much till You make us of those who are so happy with You.

Ya Allah for the pain is blessings, and the blessings is blessings and altogether is happiness and sadness and tears and laughter, thank You ya Rabb. My life could never have been better well planned other than what was written by You the best author, fashioner, designer and planner of my blessed journey in this hayatu’d duniya.

For beauty and success in everything of me that You created is all Yours, and I could never praise You enough for that. For my beloved mum and my beloved dad , thank You ya Rabb, though I far from them and they are too, and sometimes I have missed them a lot and only You know my heart but its okay because I know... distance makes the hearts go fonder. I shall lower my wings to them and love them as much and more by the help and the love and mercy from You. May You make me and those who read this from among of solihin sons/daughters.

For 2016,
Ya Rabb, You have me in Your hand. I shall lay my trust on You. Let me travel this world with You, hold me and never let me go ya Rabb. Held me close to You. And even closer. Touch my heart with Your words of Quran, beautify my akhlaq and all of me, outside and inside me and my heart and my soul. Ya Allah don’t let me be too happy till I forget You and don’t let me too sad till I give up in hope and Your affection. Love me and let me love You. Filled me with mercy and nearness to You, pleasure and eagerness to meet You. Let me feel content everyday in my life ya Waduud. And ya Allah, bless my family and my loved ones more than everything You have been given me. And if this whole writing touch a person heart, then bless that person more ya Rabb.
Ya Allah, Thank You.
Thank You so much for everything.
Alhamdulillah ya Rabb.
Thank You for creating me.


  1. kak nadia.. tikah sangat suka baca entry akak. semua nya bagi inspirasi dalam kehidupan tikah, i hope one day kita dapat jumpa :) :) love from malaysia

  2. As salam. sis.nadia, could you tell me how to feel the love of allah in our heart? because i am still struggling find ways to love allah deeply in my heart.

  3. dear Atikah Isa
    alhamdulillah may Allah bless you
    inshaAllah one day kita dpt jumpa
    love from Dublin <3

    dear nurul ain,
    loving Allah is something that we have to develop everyday
    to be commit to Allah and to develop the love each day is istiqamah
    and with the surrounding media that tell you to love other things; its really hard
    however inshaAllah we can do it
    To fall in love with Allah is one thing, to continuous develop love and link with Allah is another thing
    We have to first and foremost know about Allah
    Search about Allah
    There is a lot of channels in Youtube that presented a lot of alhamdulillah good sheikh that you can listen to, to learn about Allah's attribute; for example Allah's 99 names
    And then the story of anbiya' and prophets
    And then to continuously learning about Allah

    Dont worry dear, we all struggle to be better inshaAllah
    Those who do not struggle is what we afraid of becoming of
    To just stay constant and not improving ourself
    Love comes within the heart when you develop a beautiful link and relationship with Allah in your private moments
    when nobody sees you
    when you are alone with Allah
    talk to Him
    say your concern
    and cries to Him
    if you cant cry than think something that connected to Allah / read./ listen something
    that connected to Allah and inshaAllah Allah will melt your heart

    one of the sign that you love Allah is
    you want to love Allah deeply in your heart
    so alhamdulillah my dear
    may Allah keep us loving Him, for loving Him is the ultimate happiness duniya wa akhirah <3