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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Can't thank Him enough

If I were to tell how much kind Allah has been towards all of us, it won't even stop. 
You know I started to check back on the du'a thats being made after we went toilet. 
Our prophet Muhammad s.a.w. teach us this du'a - Ghufranaka. 
Ya Allah I seek your forgiveness. 

So I wonder why do we seek Allah's forgiveness after we went to the toilet? 

And then now I know subhanaAllah.
You know... some of the people or scholars mention about seeking forgiveness because you didn't remember Allah in the bathroom so you seek forgiveness because of that. But for me...

MashaAllah.. can't we see?
We seek forgiveness to Him because we can't praise Him or thank Him as much or so much , abundantly (it would never be enough) just for the blessings to be able to excrete all the wastes in our body.

Allahu Akbar! 

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