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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It just wow

Being grateful is the essence of being happy. And it needs to be always reminded.
One of the way is to say to yourself... "Didn't you see Allah give you this and that (remember the countless ni'mah)?"


Learn about knowledge of ad-Deen is so exciting mashaAllah.
And let me tell you the secret of learning is to repeat learning to fully feel moved by it

When your heart is affected, it will be subhanaAllah easy by the help of Allah to implement the knowledge that you learn.

And do you remember Rasulullah s.a.w. said the highest Paradise are for those who have the most good manner? Best of Khuluq-Akhlaq subhanaAllah

So no matter what happen in your life you need to feel so motivated to search Allah more, to know Allah more, to feel Him more to love Him more

And the reward of feeling His presence in your life, feeling His help so near in your life is so much that is indescribable

Can you imagine, when you are being help by Allah... everything you do is so much ease and so much beautiful in a way that He help you so much?

And we subhanaAllah. We. We can't do anything right. Anything good. Anything okay.
Except by the help of Allah.So really, ask of Him for help.

He is waiting for your call to ask of Him,feel this when He says 
'Do u want My help... My servant?' 
'Don't you need Me?' 
Even if its small matter
Even regarding everything. Regarding your heart. Regarding your struggleness, your tiredness, your longing. Ask of His help. Knew that, He is there

And subhanaAllah. Just wait for a while. 
Soon when you receive the help from Allah, 
when you receive the love from Allah, 
it just 


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