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Friday, August 7, 2015

My love..get up.

I think theres a lot more than this. In this heart..that I wanna share regarding this.
But this is...what Allah let me wrote.
And I can't say anything else.
Will you feel this?
Tell me, will you feel this? So much that I hope you do.
Ya Allah let this always be in my heart.
And our hearts.
Ya Allah...

“How could I…
Jealous of both of my beloved?
You and Your most beloved, Muhammad s.a.w.

How could I be jealous ya Allah..
I know ya Allah..
you loves us so much..
I mean...of course, you love Rasulullah s.a.w
the most
You love him the most.

But its okay..
Im okay ya Allah…
Out of all Your creations, you said he is your most beloved (habibullah).
Your most beloved ones..
Im okay ya Allah..

When you said that on the day of judgement, the first grave You want to open is the grave of Your beloved, Muhammad s.a.w..

I m okay ya Allah.

When you said to Paradise, that the gate of Jannah will not be open until my beloved opens it.
The Paradise that you have said you ve created it for all of your pleased creations, the place that is so sacred that you kept so well.
And the place where nobody can ever imagine the beautiful of it, the rahmah of it, the wonderful of it..ya Allah.
And you said, it won’t be open to anyone, until my beloved open it..
You said, 'until my beloved open it'..

Im okay ya Allah..
I m really okay ya Allah.

When the day of judgement, and Rasulullah s.a.w will make sajdah to You so long, that he cried so much asking You to help us..
And You will say to Rasulullah,

"My love, get up..
Say what you want… Today I will not disappoint you"

You said 'my love' to him.

You said..get up my love.. :'

I m okay ya Allah

I m really okay..

dear heart..its okay.

I wish you would say someday to me, when you look at me and you said “nadia, my love..”
How would I breath.. ya Allah? :'

ya Allah..
dear heart.. its okay. :’

And then, you said that in Jannah all of the trees and the places, the walls that you have built out of your love... have the name of You and Muhammad s.a.w..

You write Rasulullah's name everywhere in Paradise..
The trees, the rocks and you give him special river ..
and he will be so close to You,
the most close to You,

staying so near to You.. forever and ever

ya Allah...
I don’t mind ya Allah.. i mean, of course..

I m okay ya Allah..
I m really okay ya Allah..

And the most that dear to my heart
Is of the way you comfort Rasulullah during isra’ Mi’raj
ya Allah..
you see his tears for his beloved wife and you feel him..
you see his tears for his beloved uncle and you feel him..
when his wife passed away..and it breaks him so much..
when his uncle passed away and it tears his heart so much..
And you comfort him so much
so much
so much

till you brought his up to front of you..ya Allah..
when before…

no one of your creations ever passed the boundaries..
to be in front of you ..Allah, so close to you

but you choose him..out of us all..

and its okay..i am okay..i mean ..of course I’m okay :'

really I’m okay ya Allah…ya Allah..

and then he was up there, seeing you
being so close to you..
how do i..
how do i feel this..

tell me ya Allah
do my heart..feels alright..

and then at the time.
there was a moment that so mashaAllah

that he got salam from You..

directly from You
and we recite in our prayers every time..
'Assalamualayka ayyuhannabiyyu wa rahmatullahi..'
im really okay…

ya Allah
he must be much more amazing
And so much more in every way

that You have choose him so much

to be your love so much.

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