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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Allah loves you better

Allah really loves you better. Loves you better than yourself so much.
Sometimes what you ask for is really bad for your heart and yourself and may cause your heart to ache so much. So He didn’t grant you that specific du’a that you made.

Now The name of Allah He is The Most Protector comes in and you need it more than the name of Allah, The Most Giving. Or both. Because He is the most protecting , he is giving you protection from what you want that could harm you. SubhanaAllah.

Because really… tell me. Do you really know the unseen? That you thought is good for you, really do you really know that it brings happiness to you?
You don’t know.
Admit it you really don’t know if its going to hurt you or bring happiness to you.
You may thought it brings happiness but in all honesty you really don’t know.

Ya Allah I really don’t know.

And thats when you realize that Allah loves you better than yourself.
I can feel this when Allah said in the Quran about He is the Knower of all things…
'Why don’t you trust in My wisdoms? I know whats good for you, why don’t you trust in Me?'

And thats when you ask for Him to interfere with your life. Because the matter fact is that Allah loves me better than myself.
What I want for me might hurt me and He doesn’t want ever to cause harm for me.

So sometimes He didn’t give yet or specifically grant your du’a because He loves you better.
Why don’t you trust Him?

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