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Thursday, July 30, 2015

When the heart yearns

You know... happiness is when you appreciate everything that happens to you, either its good or bad. 

When you appreciate, spontaneously you will say and feel in your heart alhamdulillah so much ya Allah. Alhamdulillah. 

The grateful comes in. When grateful is there, its so much easier to feel ikhlas; sincere. 

And when you are sincere, every ibadah you did meant a lot to Allah. 

He appreciates every single thing that you do even when you suddenly said "SubhanaAllahi Wabihamdihi SubhanaAllahil Adheem". This verse is so light in the tongue yet so much heavy in the scales. MashaAllah. 

How much Merciful is Allah towards us? Sometimes we gain unconscious about the presence of Allah, that Allah is there remembering you and taking care of you while you were with your friends or in doing anything with the duniya based.

But if you really feel grateful and ikhlas, you want to thank Allah most of the time and as much as possible. And because of that you wanna be in the rememberance of Allah so much.

Your heart knew that in the rememberance of Allah, your heart will be at rest, peace and just happy.

Therefore, even at times of your heart yearn for anything, it would be based on Allah and connected to Him so much. 

And its so much okay to yearn something that is so much love for the sake of Allah and for the pleasure of Allah.

Because when the heart yearns, it makes du'a and prayers wholeheartedly. 

Because when the heart yearns, it has true belief and faith that Allah will grant your prayers the best that you can ever imagine.

And Rasulullah s.a.w. said increase your hope so much of what you want, knew that for Allah, is not difficult to grant you what you want. Ya Allah!

Don't stop and despair in making du'as to Allah. Keep believing and continue to speak to your Lord for how you feel and everything you ever want for the sake of Him.


And I really believe that real happiness exists with Allah. 
Everything that breaks apart from Allah may lose itself 
But with Allah... we have everything.

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