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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Even though I was given much

Sometimes we feel like we want to ask so much,
we make du'a so much,
theres so much we want, 
knew that, its okay.

Knew that, Allah is much more.

I mean...seriously.. 
Why would you settle for drops when you can have the ocean?
Why settled for less?
You know why when our Prophet s.a.w. say 'to make dua so that we be granted not only Paradise, but the highest level of Paradise, Jannatul Firdaus' 


Even though, tell me, do you think we deserve to be there,?
Or do you think we are even deserve to be asking Allah to be there?

But our Prophet s.a.w such that, he knew Allah's Mercy is so overwhelming for His creation, and thats why, He ask us to pray to Allah so much so that we be among those who are so close to Allah in Jannah, yakni the highest of level in Jannah. And get the best ever place.
Masha Allah.

So knew that Allah is much more than the whole of what you want. And He intends to give you blessings limitless, without count, do you remember He said so in Surah 'Ali 'Imran?

"Because of His Mercy is so overwhelming, I cannot resist but to ask more and more and want more and more even though I was given much"


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