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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Back and Forth

There are wisdoms behind every of your 'back and forth'. We tend to be 'back and forth' in many things. Sometimes just travelling back and forth from your school/college to your house. Another, travelling back and forth from your house to another house. We travels a lot.

And same goes to your deeds, ibadah, motivation and imaan. I mean there are at times we are so much in doing good deeds and there are time we felt tired and slow down. In every human nature, we are not constant. Sometimes emotion affects our deeds. And the concentration to Allah, we may be so much in 'back and forth'

Knew that every of your 'back and forth', Allah knew them. And the struggle and tiredness behind the 'back and forth', Allah knew them. And be able to instil this words in your heart...that

'There are rewards every single of it'

Is a motivation for you to keep going even though you will be 'back and forth'. Yes.There is. Every of your 'back and forth', there is no waste inside it. And its definitely not a single travel that you did, when you really say in your heart ' ya Allah I let you travel me' unless that Allah had count them and Allah had rewards them.

So when you felt tired... you may slow down a little bit. 
But its okay. Continue.
Its all going to be worthwhile.


Very soon, Allah will make you very happy, till you feel satisfied. (Surah Ad-Dhuha)

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