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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

If you seek for healing

Sometimes it feels like everything in this duniya is turning back from you. It just goes away. Everything was wrong. Everyone makes you angry and dissapointed. You feel tired and restless. There is just a voice inside your head screaming at you all the time.

"Why is everything messing up?" "Why is everything in this duniya run away from you and leave you behind?"

Little that you know, the dissapointment and hurt felt was because of you turning away from your Lord. The more you are away from Him, the more hurt it felt. So you started blaming on other things surrounding you. And you were asking yourself "How could turning away from my Lord cause me pain and dissapointment?" Or maybe you thought... "I am not turning away form Him, it just I am busy with this life. God doesn't mind. He is all Merciful"
Yes. God doesn't mind because He is the Most Rich, He doesn't need your ibadah, but your heart mind. And your heart need Him more than you have expected.
Do you remember the function of your heart?

Theres a reason why at first, Allah commands us all to pray 50 times a day. So if that the case, basically prayers is all we do in a day right?
But why is that? Why do Allah commads us to pray when everything includes angels in the Heavens and Earth pray to Him? 

Because we are weak and lost and hurt and empty without remember Him from the utmost of our time.
That rememberance is the cure of your pain.
Trust me, if you seek for healing....

The answer is drawing yourself closer to Allah.
And I promise you will heal.

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