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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Everything that I've ever wanted

All my life, I've never thought this way. 
Until at one point of time I realized that everything I've ever wanted could not be anything in this worldly lives. Everthing that I've ever wanted lies in Jannah; where our Home is and where everything you ever wish for is granted. 

In your life you could never depends on wanting only 'this thing' or 'that thing' or 'such things'. Because if you do that, this duniya will hurt you. The things that you wanted; they will not fulfill your expectations correctly. Because your heart is not made to want something so so much in this duniya. This duniya cannot grant you the 'wishes' to the level that you were expected. You have so much more to expect and to want in the end of them.

But then you may struggle to achieve success or happiness in this duniya. But somehow in your struggle, you tend to pour your heart out into it so so much that you feel 'this is everything that I've ever wanted'. So when the outcome is different from what you have expected, you will feel broken.

But that really, should not be happening.
In your struggle of this duniya, your heart should deeply yearns for something else that lies with God and akhirah (the afterlife). It should not be here. It could not be here.
Allah has created Prophet Adam a.s. ; the first human being and He gives him Home in Jannah,

So there is the place where we all started. Jannah.
Our home is belong to the Heaven and thats why everything we desire lies in God and the place where there is no fear and sadness.

Cause your heart is made to wish for more than this.

Much more than this.

Nadia Syamila

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