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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Awak boleh bahagia

Awak boleh bahagia.

"My happiness in this life has just begun", she said.

She listened to that very carefully.

Can you live yourself to the fullest and enjoy your life but at the same time receiving rewards continuously without break?

And that girl said ,by only after one week applying this...
"I found myself sometimes , tears flowing down my cheek, I was by myself.. I'm not feeling hurt or anything to anybody"

And there was a man who lose his temper easily ... and he said
"I am different now. Until at one point that I have to wait for a long time before my appointment with my doctor (he always get angry easily) ...I was okay. I didn't realize the time passed by"

And what is actually that?

You make intention before go to sleep that you wanna have this rest because you want to have the strength to pray. Ya Allah.
And you gain rewards! Every hours of it! MashaAllah.

You want to iron your clothes and you make intention. You iron them because you want to be neat and tidy and Islam teach us to be tidy and clean. And you earn the rewards!

You sit down watching television with your family and you make niah that you want to strengthen the bond between u and ur family because Allah loves that. And you earn rewards MashaAllah!

How easy is that... subhana Allah.
How beautiful and rewarding is that..

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