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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Your life is not perfect


You are there in your life. Your life is not perfect; is not completely rosy.
You have the ups and downs in your life. However, you are very thankful for everything that happen.
You are very patient.Even though you did mistakes; sometimes you did repeated sins and mistakes.. But you keep on doing Tawbah...And you keep on humble yourselves before Allah.
You never give up on asking His forgiveness till your last breath.
Allah looks at you. And He forgives you.
You feel so peaceful, so amazing and wonderful.
You know that there will be upcoming tests and hardships but you still feel sabr and grateful.
You always believe.
You. always believe that He gives you the best that you would ever be given.

You suceed tremendously in your life. And yes, you fall too. But your heart keep saying its okay..." I have Allah... what more do I want?"
In your life, you spent everything mostly remember Allah. You were waiting in the long queue and your lips keep on reciting tasbih.
You were waiting the lift and your heart keep thinking ya Allah you just saved me...alhamdulillah ya Allah.. alhamdulillah.
You drop your things and you took them patiently and your heart just keep on playing the surah in your mind.
You walk in this beautiful compartments and say ya Allah you make me rise when I fall, I really feel your rahmah...
And eveytime you bow down sujud to Allah..

you just cant hold your tears.
You hear your heartbeats.
You feel so near to your only Creator.

You love Him.

you really fall in love with Allah.
And for the first time...

you really feel...
that you love Him more than everything else.

more than your things, ..your family
most of all
more than yourself.
you really love Him more than yourself.

And when you raise your hands to ask dua'
You look at your hands... and the surrounding is dark..
Its silence..
Its just so deep even to describe how you feel.
Its just you and Him.

And you have great companions, family and inshaAllah great spouse and children.
Maybe your relationship with people you love is not perfect,
but you deal it with strength and tawakal to Allah.
Cause you know Allah holds every relationship. And you really feel the sweetness in every relationship.

Money, fame is not your desire.
Hence Allah makes everything about duniya is easy for you.
You feel so enough and more than enough.

You are so happy.
You gain happiness duniya and akhirah.

Allah loves you, loves your deeds, loves your repeating tawbah...
Allah just so please with you.

and how come this great dream is impossible?
it will be you as long as you truly believe.

This is just so much
beautiful in every way.

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