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Friday, August 23, 2013

Sebab saya nak dipilih juga :')

ini ubah hidup saya.
And I want this to be in my heart forever.

Assalamualaikum hye.
I want to express something
And its really important

This contributes a lot in changing the way I live today. Alhamdulillah

You know.. I want to express this for every muslims

including those who are not wearing Hijab
or those guys who do not lower his gaze and do not live in a way that Islam teaches us..

Dont get me wrong.
You know..
You might be much better than me.
I might be worser than them.
So when I enter the Musollah today on few hours during dhuha time
There were few pairs of shoes alhamdulillah
maybe 4 or more on next hours

Subhana Allah.
I felt something that its really hard to say or to speak about
You know...

Among of all muslimah there, only 4 to 10 muslimah are chosen to perform Dhuha Prayer.

Allahu Akbar.
So do you think that they would have done that...
If not because of Allah had choosen them..?

Subhana Allah!
Wallahi! Look for those who are wearing Hijab properly..
Allah had choosen them ...

And for those who their heart become steadfast in every ibadah they did..
Allah had choosen them

For those who has taken care his eyes and his heart..
Allah had choosen them

Look at Rasulullah s.a.w... Allah said... indeed our Rahmah for you is so big...Truly because of our Rahmah you become soft hearted...
Allah choose to give His Rahmah to him, sallahu alayhi wassalam.

So they are special to Allah... because they had been chosen by Him.. and how to be among the chosen one?
Maybe they did something that causes Allah to love them..
They pray hard, they shed tears a lot.

And when Allah love a person...
Do you think He will let the person astray?

No He wouldnt. :')
Because He loves you, He chooses you to be among the righteous. May we be among them amiin. :')
So for those who do not wearing the Hijab or living the way Prophet s.a.w had teaches us..

Do you feel sad..
Because Allah had not choosen you to be among them who do good deeds...
Allah had not choose you.
So far he had not choose you.
Tell urself..
Allah had not choose me to do that and that...why... :'(

will you not let your tears purify your heart and turn back to Him, your only Creator? :')
You know.. Tawbah and repentance is such that..

Allah is so happy and please when His slaves make tawbah and return to Him.
The amazing thing about tawbah is that its polished the heart
Even shiner than before the heart gets dirty..

Now what more do you want..

Than Allah to love you and be pleased with you in everything you do? :')



p/s:those who had read suratul Kahfi today. SubhanaAllah. Allah had choose you. Do you feel grateful :')
Awak yang baca sampai habis. Sebab Allah pilih awak. Moga kita sentiasa dipilih dan disayangiNya.

last. prayforegypt.


  1. subhannallah~~

    may we remain steadfast and patience walking in the path the Prophet [PBUH] had shown us~

  2. Assalamualaikum,
    Actually, when i read your post, something bears in my mind. Is it our choice will determine that we will do the good deeds or allah's? Because when we want to do something in our life, the decision is from us.

    From i read in your post, is it true if i say that allah has chosen certain people to do the good deeds and while the others are not chosen and jannah is only for good people. Seem not fair then. How bout if i say jannah is not only for good people?

    Just an opinion.

  3. waalaikumussalam amin,

    then think

    whats make you think

    Allah choose that person

    over other person
    for example?

    so did we pray to be choosen by Allah
    Wallahi He is so generous

    but your dua , amal ibadah and how your heart really want to be choosed by Allah

    determine whether He want to choose you among His beloved ones

    may Allah choose us to enter Jannah. amiin

  4. OHSEM ! TQ for sharing. semoga sentiasa dalam perlindungan Allah. amin.

  5. OHSEM ! TQ for sharing. semoga sentiasa dalam perlindungan Allah. amin.