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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


When you feel you do not deserve because you feel you are so bad..

But your heart really want, and still you cannot deny..

So you pray with your tears running down towards your fingers..
"Ya Allah, I really dont deserve to have this happiness.. but I really do want.. Allah.. I know You are the Most Giving ang the Most Forgiving..."
The feeling is that you feel guilty for asking but you keep on asking because you really want..
Its so hard to say. It just those feelings. Between you and Him.

And you fall asleep on sejadah ..
And you dreamt of happiness that you want.
He gave you the dream.

And you feel so true, you just pray for it.

How much love from Him to us?
That much.

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  1. Salam :)
    Boleh tak post about pandangan awak about hijab girls sing or play instruments?