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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tidak ada perubahan

"Ingatlah wali-wali Allah itu, tidak ada rasa takut pada mereka, dan mereka tidak bersedih hati. 
(Iaitu) orang-orang yang beriman dan senantiasa bertakwa.
 Bagi mereka berita gembira dalam kehidupan di dunia dan di akhirat. 
Tidak ada perubahan bagi janji-janji Allah. 
Demikian itulah kemenangan yang agung"
 (Surah Yunus : 62-64) 

When I recite this ayah, I feel ya Allah. Its so deep to my heart. Because of the words of Allah when Allah said 'tidak ada perubahan'. How do I feel ya Allah... When your love is so true for those who search for You in their life....

Allah kata 'tidak ada rasa takut pada mereka... dan mereka tidak bersedih hati'
MashaAllah.. its so subhanaAllah to the heart. Sometimes we are scared of duniya, of what will happen in our future, and that fear make us so sad in the heart, but Allah said no, you shall not face fear and sadness of the heart. Can you imagine subhanaAllah... i thought the only place to not feel these things are in Jannah. But no..
Allah has promised here.. to whom?

Allah said the next ayah.. 'orang-orang yang beriman dan senantiasa bertakwa'. MashaAllah. Can you feel this. When Allah said orang orang yang beriman it means - those who have faith in Allah, the faith that can destroy mountains. SubhanaAllah. Keyakinan dalam hati yang terlalu amat yang sehinggakan disebabkan keyakinan itu ia dapat menghancurkan gunung. Thats faith. ya Allah. May Allah gives us complete faith and trust to Him so much. Ameen. And Allah said the next character is yang sentiasa bertakwa. Those who always have fear of Him in heart and conscious of Him. Always think of Him, always remember of Him. SubhanaAllah. Do you know something? Actually...
Truth to be told is when you think of Allah, Allah is thinking about you. 

And then Allah says beautiful things, that my heart cannot breath properly.. and my chest ya Allah. Only You can feel me deeply ya Allah because You are the One who put 'ruh' (soul) inside us from You ya Allah. 

Allah said 'bagi mereka berita gembira dalam kehidupan di dunia dan di akhirat'. MashaAllah. Berita gembira (bushra - in arabic) its something that you can be please with, its a good news for you. MashaAllah. Like good news for you both for here and hereafter. SubhanaAllah. you know what I feel when I read this verse? I feel ya Allah Allah wants to comfort us so much. Allah said, good news for you. 

And then Allah said the next ayah that if the the heart is so much engraved with this verse it just so heavy that it would tears the heart and because of the deep joy that the heart feels. Allah said 'tidak ada perubahan bagi janji-janji Allah'. Ya Allah, Allah kata tidak ada perubahan. Can you feel it? Allah kata tidak ada perubahan. MashaAllah. Like.. 'Those are My promises to you, that you will receive good news for both duniya and akhirah, and there is No change in My words' 
MashaAllah ya Allah. It can't get more convincing than these ya Allah. 
This is so beautiful from You ya Allah.
Thank You ya Allah. 


May we be one of them, whose Allah has kept secret hidden in only His knowledge alone. 
Nobody could know who are them except Allah alone. 

May Allah kept us in the most humble path of being His true slaves. 

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