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Thursday, January 28, 2016


In life,

When you know something, it doesn't really mean anything, until you practice it.

When you practice it, you know how hard it is, how need of us of Allah.

Because thats the whole point.

To be in realisation that we need Allah all the time, every moment, everything that we do.

Let me give you an example.

You learned that 'you have to lower your wings with your parents'  in the Quran.

Therefore, learning it and knowing it is something.

To practice it is another thing.

When it comes to situation that, you may defend yourself, because of anything, you may feel its really hard to lower your wing with your parents.

Thats really a struggle.

You may cry, may feel down, may feel devastated.

Although you tried so much.

But when that happens,
my dear...listen.
Don't give up.

Don't give up.

Lets try one more time.

Try again. Be gentle again. Be sabr again. Be silence again.

And if you wanna express how you hurt, express to Allah.

Don't hurt back. Stay soft.

Sabr, though its hurting inside. Lower your wings.
Thats the meaning of lower your wings.
You lower yourself, even though you can say something that cause you to win.

Lower yourself...
its okay...
Even if you feel hurt when you are not,
try again...

Be assured with Allah's help
You need His help always... therefore pray so much to be a solihin daughter/son.

Sometimes the harder the trial, the more the struggle, the better the reward from Allah..

Maybe it teaches you valuable lessons, which is sabr.

Allah said those who achieved sabr worth to be congratulated by Allah and His Messenger s.a.w.

Don't you want Allah said, 'yes thats My servant, thats My love, congratulation to you..'


Everything is learned through lifetime struggle.
It can never be just smooth and it cant never be that you will never stumble
But Allah has promised you it will be ease.

Allah said in Surah Al Lail, For those who obey Allah, and those who fear (and conscious of) Allah, Allah will ease for them way for ease .

If we try so much to obey Allah and we fear Allah , always try to remember Allah..
Allah will lead a way to ease in everything

In be sabr.
In stay loving
In stay kind.
In softness for Allah.


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