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Thursday, January 28, 2016

How am I ya Rabb...

I feel like I wanna stay a while,
a longer while in the hospital this night.

And so I did.

Far from what I have known, my heart want to walk for a while.

If I were to tell you what I see, maybe its nothing really.

But the heart sees something.

It sees how much that elder man tiredly pull his own wheelchair.

It sees how the elder woman have a hard time with the family when they visited her.

It sees how much people are suffering for the disease they may never expected will experience.

It sees how the leg can walk easily while others have to use supporter to walk.

It feels a moment.

A moment to understand the pain of other, to understand the hurt of they going through, to feel what has shown in their struggles.
To reflect and think about others more than myself,
more than what I want,
and more than what I hope for duniya wa akhirah.

To actually see the pathway of others may encounter with..

More than I know, I need this reminder always.

Now I understand why Rasulullah s.a.w. ask his sahabah one day, who is among you that this morning, have been solatul Fajr in jemaah (congregation) , spend some of the night by remembering Allah,  fast and visit the sick?

And Abu Bakr stay quiet. Rasulullah s.a.w. ask him, did you...
And he shyly say yes.

I was wondering, why Rasulullah s.a.w. mentioned 'visit the sick' as one of the important deeds that he wanna know?

For  visiting the sick opens your heart and mind so much.
Visiting the sick cleans the heart.
Visiting the sick reminds you that this duniya is temporary for you shall go back to Allah.

Allah is with them whom visits the sick people.
For me, its beautiful to know this.

Ya Allah for everything, thank You.
How can my heart thank You so much...
Would have not been because of You guided me, I would had lost...
Would have not been because of You fed me, I would had been hungry all the time..
Would have not been because of You take care of me, I would have been crashed by anything..

For You, is every thanks and praises ya Rabb..
And to You I shall come back.

How am I ya Rabb?
How am I in Your sight...


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