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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ya Rabb, I was nothing

Dear love,

I wanna share what I understand from this video.
Its so deep to my heart.

When he says...

"My brothers... I wanna ask you something..."
"What is it that took you away from Allah..?"

---> I feel as if, I can't explain. This question cuts me.

Ya Rabb, what is it that took me away from You..? :'
What is it in this duniya that is so beloved to my heart that it took me away from You.. 
Ya Rabb...:'

"What is it that make you forget about your Allah?"

Ya Rabb, what is it that is so important to my heart that make me forget about You, my Allah..? :'

"Quran, Quran - Allah azza wajal speak out, and He says 'Oh human being.."
"Allah subhanahu wataala speaking, 'Oh human being..What is it that took you away from Me?"

Ya Rabb...:'

"What is it that distracted you away from your Allah?"

Ya Rabb.. :'

"Allah says, 'Oh My slave..' "
"Quran - 'Did there not come a time.. where you did not exist?"

Ya Rabb...:'
Ya Rabb... I'm sorry...

Ya Rabb, I'm sorry for forgetting You. For not remembering that this duniya is temporary. For not realising that I used to be not existing in this duniya.. :'

"He says... "You weren't even remembered. You name wasn't mentioned"

Ya Rabb.. :'

I'm not even remembered. My name wasn't even mentioned. I was not even existed before :'

"There was a point in time my brother you didn't even exist"
"Allah says, I created you. Me alone, I created you from a piece of sperm"

"People walking around today, you know looking down at others.."
"He thinks he's something, Allahu, he thinks he's something"
"Brother did you forget where you came from?"
"Allah created you from a piece of sperm"

"So don't be fooled now you know, because mashaAllah , you got some money in your pocket"

Ya Rabb :'
Ya Rabb forgive me for not praising and thank You enough :'

"Or maybe now you know, you drive a nice pretty car"

"Allah says I created you from a piece of sperm"
"Your beginning was a nutfah"
"Your beginning was a nutfah"

Ya Rabb... my beginning was a nutfah :'

"Yes my brother, for those of you who have pride and arrogance in their hearts"

"For those of you who think that Allah owes them something"

Ya Rabb :'
Forgive me ya Rabb..
For You don't owe me anything.
Yet I owe You my life :'

"For those who feel like I don't have time for Allah"

Ya Rabb.. :'

"My brother there was a point of time, you were nothing"

Ya Rabb...
I was nothing :'

"Then, from nothing, you were a piece of sperm"
"You were a piece of sperm. You were that whether you like it or not"

"Allah says I created you from a piece of sperm, in 3 layers in the womb in the stomach of your mother"

"I created you, I fashioned you, I sustained you"

Ya Rabb, You were the One who are with me all this along, and never leave me :'

"Where were your family then?"
Ya Rabb :'

"Where was your car then..?"

"Where.. where were your girlfriends then?"

"Where was your facebook then? "

Ya Rabb.. :'
Don't be mad at me ya Rabb.. :'

"When I created you, you were nothing"
"Where were this things that have taken you away from Me?"
"These things that have taken you away from Me
Where were they then?"

Ya Rabb 

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