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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The matter of heart

The truth of the matter is that Allah gives His knowledge to whoever He wants

Sometimes Allah gives His knowledge to teach us and to let us tawakkul upon Him.

The matter of the heart is its indeed easy to be turned and be flattered.

Allah taught me lessons to never put my heart hundred percent to duniya because you will be shattered

Put the heart only to Allah, and you will receive happiness and contentment of the heart

This duniya is never meant to be Paradise

I remember when I ask Allah something in duniya that its almost impossible


The truth of matter is that this is duniya and temporary

The truth of matter is that the heart is not in our control

The truth of matter is that human being is imperfect

The truth of matter is that the heart can easily be flattered... it may come back, but its easily be flattered .

But its okay... For to Allah belong this duniya and akhirah.

And He gives His love, mercy and rezqi for whoever He wants.

Allah is so nice to me

To teach me very beautiful lessons

Do you remember there are days or maybe a day that you are in broken heart and you cried so hard because of duniya?

But now you are happy and you are okay... Do you know why?


The matter of the heart is that, it changes everyday

Alhamdulillah ya Rabb.

Its okay :)


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  2. Wassalam, Norain,

    I think I get this invitation before. I am sorry but thank you so much.

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