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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Assessment on Surah Al Fatihah

Assalam people, alhamdulillah yesterday is the end of our halaqah for this semester, we ended it earlier so that for preparation for final exam. Make du'a for us, inshaAllah.

RCSI Isoc organised this kind of weekly halaqah started from Jan 2015. But specifically for this time, it is focused on the Surah in the Quran, which I think it was so overwhelming.

This is our poster for the weekly halaqah. Its really nice, good job Graphic Designer Officers!

They are really kind to change the date everytime we have the halaqa even though its weekly so that we did not miss the date. May Allah bless them.

Yesterday officially marked the end of this halaqah and we have examination on this. This is the question paper. 

We got 50 minutes to answer this. Ya, we take picture of the question paper hehe. 
So this is my answers that I wanna share to you. But its a long essay so if you have time inshaAllah, you can read and may it benefit to all of us. 

I realised that I skipped this verse of 'Alhamdulilahi Rabbi Al A'lamiin' So I'm going to write here.

                           When you say the second verse of Suratul Fatihah which is 'All praises belong to Allah the Lord of this worlds'. The world 'Alhamd' is used here. This word is so incredible because 'Alhamd' means that All praises and thanks belong to Allah'. Its like Allah did not need us to praise Him to increase His Greatness, because He is the All-Praises Worthy. He already is Praised. Allah is how He praised Himself. SubhanaAllah. But Allah indeed is so happy when we praise Him, therefore praise Him much. Allah is saying here that 'Al hamd' can be both of meanings which are praise and thanks. So the first after we started the name of Allah 'bismillah' we say thanks to Allah. To Allah the Rabb. The Rabbul A'lamiin. The Lord of these worlds. Notice the word A'lamiin is for two things (grammar in Arabic). Therefore some scholars say it was for the world of the jinn and mankind, some said the world of animal and mankind. But we both know that Allah is The Rabb, The Holder, The Controller, The Lord of everything of everything. And as all the artists in this world, artist like to be recognised and praised for the art and masterpieces that they made and therefore, so more beyond is Allah subhanahu wataala who worth all of the praises. Allah is so happy when You praised Him and He is the Most Appreciative. Therefore, say 'alhamdulillah' much and feel it deep down in your heart. 'Ya Allah... for not praising You enough, as much as You deserved to be praised for... I am sorry ya Rabb'. 

Thats all from me. Lets keep going on and motivated for this final exam inshaAllah. May Allah ease our studies and grant us understanding and increase us knowledge and light from His infinite possession, grace and bounty so much.


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