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Monday, February 1, 2016

Don't mistaken His beautiful words


Disclaimer *** Allah's words is 100% correct and no error. To make error is human being. Allah said to preserved His words till the end of the Day of Qiyamah.
I don't give any translation of my own. Please understand here.
I just point out what clash, what is not similar and so that we would not be thinking otherwise or confuse. We as believers should always trust Allah and His Messenger, believing Allah and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. (not just blindly follow even scholars when it shows confusion, okay?)

Therefore there is absolutely Nothing wrong at the arabic words of Allah.
What I point out is the translation wrong here. So not the words of Allah.

If there is nobody pointing out the mistakes, everybody will follow the wrong (or unclear translation) , hence we might mistaken His beautiful words that shows Haqq the truth and no bias for believing man and women.


Both of the words, 'qaasiraatun' and 'attorfi' the meaning is companions that have modest gaze/ restricting their eyes, 
Companion and its not women (see this website for more information, I am not screen shot every each word, but the words that related to what I want to empasize the mistake of Translation (not the Quran) here) 

The Sahih International Translation said "women limiting their glances" where that comes from?
Women? It supposed to be companion for both believing females and males

Allah is beautiful and the Most Just and the most knowing of our fitrah and Never ever biased. He loves both of His creations male and females. He knows our fitrah and our emotional needs. We shall never be degraded by Allah if we truly believe in Him. 
Scholars (some not all) however, make mistakes. So please don't blame Allah and His Messenger or Allah's words. Its the translation that we should address, I am neither scholar nor more intelligence than them, but when I feel hurt and something wrong somewhere I need to clear it out as an ummah who concern about muslimah ummah as well as justice that Allah had asked us to do in Surah Ar Rahman. 

I don't just research, but I consult some syeikh as well. InshaAllah they will address this matter soon. 


The word 'khairaatun' and 'hisaan' in this website means good and beautiful (the best) respectively. 
However there is one translation there that adds on the words (wives) ?
Where is the word wives come from? 
And there is added at Sahih International - 'women' ? 
Good and beautiful / pure and the best (can be both companions for both female and male, not only male (moreover the translation added there is plural , wiveS and plural womEn ?) 
Allah words are the truth. I don't master arabic to actually know the exact each of them and so on. However, I believe that we have to address the issue so that women don't feel like what Allah address here is only rewards for men, but actually for both of His creations, man and women. Alhamdulillah, Allah is The Most Just. 


Here each words of the words "Hoorun' and "ai'inun' means fair ones and large eyes/beautiful eyes. This website might not be hundred percent correct but it is the arabic words that we can check one by one translation thats why I used this website, plus the translation of Sahih Translation that are written here is also being translated to other languages and its the same as at your tafsir that you hold right now if you have it in your hand. Thats Why ! So that when you read the tafsir you will not be confuse and so on. 

Look here, some of translations added -  females, and then wives,
Sahih International added - 'women' ? - is it mean for man only? 
While it supposed to be just white and beautiful eyes (the creation of Allah inside Jannah for both of females and males) SubhanaAllah. What a beautiful description of Jannah. 


Here subhanaAllah. 
Some added so much here, I feel like wanna cry.
Where the 'females/ maidens/ women' in each of the words? 
'females that desiring none but their husbands only? '
'women limiting their glances? '
The each words - is companion of modest gaze
Companion - can be for both female and male
hence why a lot of translations here limited to only men only
as if the rewards of women limiting their glances? only to men only
And why they put the women here? Where it comes from.

(edited : except the translation by PICKTHALL -  it suits my fitrah, and it didnt add anything alhamdulillah inshaAllah)


Allah is the Most Just, in this ayah, Allah specifically said that there were boys (creation of Allah for believing women ; 'bidadara') in Jannah as well, that when you look at them you will think as if they were scattered pearls, and Allah says 'for them' (believing women) (specifically) look at the ayah! MashaAllah.
Why I'm showing here, this ayah is to show that Allah indeed do not just silence on the rewards of women, Allah do tell, just we don't see,we don't look enough in the Quran or don't talk about it enough.
And to show that Allah is indeed the Most knowing of fitrah of His creations, He said it here and He explicit the gender subhanaAllah. The next ayah is saying how the boys approach the believers.


These are other two ayahs in the Quran that shows Allah explicit about creations of Allah in Jannah - the gender is young boys , and Allah said how it looks like- beautiful as scattered pearls. Why Allah says that? Because Allah indeed the Most knowing of His creations' fitrah. 

Allah ask us as believing man and women to Both lower our gaze.
Not only believing man.
And to motivate Both of believing man and women, Allah talk about His creations as rewards in Jannah. SubhanaAllah.
So that women don't feel discriminate.
Alhamdulillah Allah is indeed the Most Just


And InshaAllah I don't know everything
I dont know anything
I just trust Allah.
I just point out something should be done here (at the added translations)
because it demotivates Some women especially like me..

Really demotivates me
because me too want the only one man who limited his glances only to me and not all the other women, I mean thats fitrah, right? 
ESPecially in Jannah. 
And He never wrong any soul / fitrah, because He is the One who creates every souls and fitrah.

And If Fitrah of a man having a lotss of women, then Allah will create Adam and a team of Hawa (EveS) However, Allah knew.
And therefore, Allah created Adam for Hawa only, and Hawa for Adam only.

So how could they demotivate women, while motivating man?
Paradise should be a motivation for both of believing man and woman.
Allah is So Just Allah said in His Attribute, Ya 'Adl
Allah said that He send the Quran in haqq wa mubiin- the clearest and truth ayah in the Quran
If Allah want it to be specific for only man, He would have say for man only not woman
but no, Allah is indeed the Most Just

Some of the scholars added words at The Translation (Not the Quran)
Because Allah promise to protect the Quran
Nobody can add anything in the Quran
Thats why its best if we learn arabic
So we know the real meaning of the words it self okay?

Edited :
Okay, some said that the words 'ta' added behind qasiiraatun (the tun) and the maqsuuraat (the ta) , refers plural for girls, however the words huur itself, is refers plural form from the words 'ahwar' and the words 'haura' which applicable for both men and women - this is by Dr Zakir Naik. You can search for his video

Not to mention here, the hadith of 72 virgins and so on, I consulted Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan and he said the hadith was fabricated. 

For those who wanna read in Malay/Indonesia version, I found this article was written by Hauzah Maya. Saying that huurun iyn refer to both man and women as well.

*Please don't be mad at me for pointing this out, This is my own research and I already consult some syeikhs, as I mentioned, and inshaAllah they will address the ummah about this.

So as far I can do is just to write here.
Thank you
May Allah guide us to the truth always.



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