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Friday, June 7, 2013

Whats empty

When you feel somehow... empty..
Your heart.. you know..

Sometimes you ve got a lot from Allah..but you still feel empty..
Do u know why?

Because a heart. It will only felt empty when you fill them with duniya so so much.
Its like everything you concern on is duniya.
You do Solah, you recite the Quran,but you still feel empty.

So that heart feels hurt and not peaceful. And hurt is when you feel empty.
Its like something missing somewhere.

Then...How to overcome that?


Try to stop thinking of the world for a while.
Listen to Islamic lectures, like in youtube.
Try to dzikir always.
Relax your mind by selawat to Rasulullah S.A.W.
Perform prayers at night
Wake up really early in the morning
Look at your window.. Witness the rising Sun, or the stars at night, remember Allah is So Great

Because your heart need to remember Allah. (really remember khusyu') That is its function. If you remember something else more more than Allah.. such as this duniya.. then, you ll feel empty. The heart is not functioning well. And Thats why.

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