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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Memoirs of Texas, USA

Assalamualaikum hye... so recently I ve got a lots of call from my juniors to actually post pictures of my winning 2 years ago in texas.. and tell them how do I got to there.. And I ve got call from teacher to give talk about this.. insha Allah .. I 'll go MRSM Taiping to give speech about this.

This is really challenging for me to tell you but .. May this inspires you guys..

An opening picture when I was winning Gold Medal in Texas Alhamdulillah, its not mine its Allah's

so this is my picture on stage with my friend, Kiki (my partner for this science project)


How does it begin?
It started when I was brainstorming ideas .. and suddenly this whole thing come into my mind..
I thought about battery 
I thought about recycle item such as vermicompost(worms' faeces)
My project title is 'Low cost battery from vermicompost'
Okay at first as usual, every success started with failures.. I fail a lot of times especially when obtaining voltage from the vermicompost but alhamdulillah at last I got it..
So theres a lot of stages.. At first I was selected in Tunas Scientist.. and finally I work hard doing thesis for ISWEEEP competition in USA..

The results come on Friday but.. that time my name wasnt up in the internet, I thought I was not selected to go to USA.. but i still keep on hoping, saturday went by... sunday went by...
And comes Monday.. we are celebrating Maulidur Rasul.. My heart is only waiting for if some miracle happens and my name was up as finalist in the internet..until the dhuha prayer..
I was saying at last I pray so that I felt redha inside my heart , whatever the decision Allah made for me..
Guess what happen next?

I was coming back to the dorm , and suddenly they said my name was up and im the selected finalist full sponsorship staying 1 week in Texas USA.. what? Subhana Allah .. Alhamdulillah!

Yay.. so my trip is 22 hours on the air..
and stop in Dubai for 6 hours

This is me and my friends , we re eating in Dubai. Its really great memories. Subhana Allah!

So in the aeroplane again . Emirates. I wish I had pictures but sorry in the aeroplane I was so scared to take pictures hee. First time :)
So when I just reach . Subhana Allah. Unforgettable experience. Allah's gift.

Alhamdulillah finally I reached at Houston, Texas, USA. The feelings subhana Allah, indescribable. Masha Allah. Allah is the Greatest.
First check out the bags and head straight to the 5 star hotel. Its gorgeous. Alhamdulillah. Wait I forgot to tell you, that my mum follow me:) But she take other aeroplane with her friend, Aunty Mas. We shared room. 2 queen bed for 4 persons include me. Awesome. Subhana Allah. I dont deserve this... Thank you Allah..

The Hotel greets us with this banner . Cool :)
Okay so we had a good rest:) And solah, they have qiblah , definitely cool.
Next day after set up for presentation, we went to go shopping.. hehe yay! but i dont really buy anything lols.. but I enjoy going there :D

We went shopping to factory outlet but I didnt really buy anything. The next day come...
We have to prepare for big day. For presentation. Oh my so scared. But Allah help us. Subhana Allah. Never forget that :'

This is the day of presentation. :D I guess we do a great job on the poster.. it it ... hehe

Yay.. after finish, we go perform solah, and go on adventure hehe! we go to see the view of texas :)

The next day was going to NASA space centre :) we were so excited

This is the Nasa Space Center

And the day arrive, when the Award Day.
We were very scared. Selawat is on our lips throughout the ceremony.

We won. 
Gold Medal, and 1000 $ dollars. And full scholarship to North American College. (but i reject the scholarship taking JPA instead).. Alhamdulillah.

Allah definitely Maha Kaya. Kalau kita minta dengan penuh harapan Allah akan bagi. Kerana semua kejayaan milik Allah. 

Me on internet:

Alhamdulillah Subhana Allah.

If you want to read more about my project, Utusan Malaysia had post it. This is the link:

And then I collaborate with UMP Universiti Malaysia Pahang
and won several contests more. Alhamdulillah Masha Allah
My pictures on stage, my cousin found it in internet. My mum was in the brown blouse. She was on tears. I could remember when she said she was very proud of me. 
Thank you Allah for blissful moment in my life. Alhamdulillah

I wish I can put more pictures, but this the pictures that available this time hee.
Jazakallah khair. May Allah bless you and grant you more success than I am. Amiin.


"And my success can only come from Allah. In Him I trust, and unto Him I return." [Hud:88]


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