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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Isra' and Mi'raj - They said it was just a dream.

When they said it was just fantasy.
When they said it was just a dream.

Tell me which power by Allah do you disbelieve?
He created you from the droplets, and you grow up become a mankind.
When He started the creation of Prophet Adam a.s. as the first mankind without a mother and father, and He created Prophet Isa a.s. with mother and without father.

He let the stars shine at night and the Sun rises in the morning. How can it be not possible to take Rasulullah S.A.W. the best of creation, the most beloved by Allah to met Him in just a night? His technology is definitely overpower our technology. Why? Its simple, a mankind created the technology, Allah created the mankind. Who has the most powerful technology?

Look how much Allah loves him. He is a mankind, just like us. But he is most beloved by Allah. Allah is so Merciful towards him, cannot bare to see him in sadness because of losing his wife and his uncle, hence Allah motivated him by meeting him in person. Masha Allah!

When Rasulullah S.A.W. met Allah, he was so scared to look up. When Allah said look up ya Rasulullah. And when he looked up to Allah.. he is so overwhelmed by the beauty Allah that he spontaneously said the verse we recite in tahayyatul awal and akhir

"At tahiyyatul mubarakatus salawatulillah...
(All compliments, all physical prayer, all worship is for Allah)

And Allah gives salam to him... the continue of tahayyatul awal and akhir..
And he replies salam from Allah, by giving salam to ibadihis solihin (the righteous slave of Allah) (us.. amiin)

And I believe. With all my heart.

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