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Friday, June 8, 2012

So Soon

So soon, I ll... dont know when, I ll end up this journey of life that is not forever.. ya Allah
But will I succeed? ya Allah help me, Allah..

So sooon so sooon, I ll be gone.. how come I know I am succeed? This life is a test and I know it..
You ve set me a wonderful journey and there are winding wounds and hurt and pain,
And I felt alhamdulillah! How amazing and awesome You are, cause you make me strong each day..
And upon every sabr (sabar) , you give me blessings upon blessings day by day..

How can I be not grateful Ya Allah?

Ya Allah, take me away from my life when my Imaan is perfect. Ya Allah take me away from my life when my Imaan is perfect, when I am sujud to you, in front of the Ka'abah, saying La ila ha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah :') subhana Allah, crying in the sujud, feel like nothing exits between us and Allah :'(
And somehow, I want this life... I want to had experienced all ya Allah, until I have grandchildren, and teach all of them to be a better Muslim

before I gone...
However, I dont know, whether I will..or not... because every second every my breath from this moment.. you can take me away.. how much POWERFUL you are..

But with Your love and mercy.. and with the Power of Du'a... You can change anything..
Please Allah,...

Died me with Husnul Khatimah.. amiin ya Rabb <3

Mood song :

Even though its hard , Ill take it all :') Ill be strong with Allah by my side.. and Sabr (sabar) will be my very special friend <3

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