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Monday, April 9, 2012

حي على الصلاة

We often listen Azan (  أَذَان‎ )  Come to solaah! (!!! حي على الصلاة) ..

But how many of us come to solaah after listening to the Azaan ? 

Rasulullah SAW said

Have you taught, what if this particular second is my last breath ? And I was unable to perform solaah yet? And we died without performing solaah yet, Nauzubillahi minzalik..

However, we can eat first when the dinner is served (based on hadith Rasulullah S.A.W) and attend knowledge (religious) event after the Isya' prayer call, then performing solaah :) How much Allah is The Most Merciful and Islam does not ever trouble us, yet easy for us as muslims if we truly believe  in Allah SWT, Rasulullah SAW, Malaikah (Angles) and Hereafter.

Allah said in Al Quran " We did not reveal the Quran to you to (make you) face hardship(Surah Ta ha : 2)

Over the time, try to 3. Improve our Solaah to enter Jannatul Firdaus to get happy hereafter inshaAllah <3

Do make sure we complete 5 times a day prayer everyday + Solaah Sunnah (as such Dhuha, Tahajjud, Taubah, and so on) Why? Because Allah completed the imperfection of solaah wajib (a must prayer five times a day) with solaah sunnah :)

Stay reading this blog by applying the knowledge gained in our daily lives to live happy forever and ever, InshaAllah cause knowledge without practices is likewise a tree without fruits :D
To end up, here attached this little  cute photo <3

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