Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum. I am Nadia Syamila. Welcome to one of places where I pour my heart, my emotions, my feelings and most of the things out. May we inspire each other. Hope we meet in Jannah. Pray for me. And forgive me for my mistakes. Jazakallahukhayr.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A piece of my heart

I was indeed searching.. and searching..

Alhamdulillah I am born as a muslim and I'm proud of it
Alhamdulillah! Ya Allah you gave me the keys to enter Jannah <3 Im searching for the way that lead me to the doors to enter Jannah.. We want happily forever and ever..
and not just temporary ya Allah
What should we do..

 1. Ask forgiveness
"Ask forgiveness from your lord, then turn towards Him in repentance; He will loosen the sky over you in abundance,and He will add strength unto your strength." - (Hud 11:52)

Lets ask forgiveness , how much we istighfar today?
Even our Prophet Rasulullah SAW ask forgiveness every day from Allah..
The person who was promised by Allah Happily ever after subhanaAllah. 

Rasulullah (SAW) said: “By Allah, I seek the forgiveness of Allah, and repent to Him more than seventy times in a day.” (Al Bukhari)

Astagfirullahal azim  
استغفر الله العظيم
Recite it... 

Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Oh people, repent unto Allah, for I verily I repent unto Him one hundred times a day.” (Muslim)

First step first that should done everyday istiqamah to REACH HAPPILY EVER AFTER 

Rasulullah (SAW) said: “It is a heavy thing for my heart if I do not seek Allah’s forgiveness a hundred times a day.” (Muslim)

LETS ASK FORGIVENESS with your heart and soul


  1. nadia, u know how i love your story, keep writing dear :)

  2. i love you lol!

  3. i am waiting your new writing when u on study at oversea.....i know u are study when my mom tell me.....i am sorry late to wish u go :(....i pray u always be fine......

    someone has u know and always waiting on u....