Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum. Hye there. I am Nadia Syamila. Welcome to a place where I pour my heart, my emotions, my feelings and most of the things out. May we inspire each other to become a better mu'min. Hope we met in Jannah ❤️ Pray for me.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Arts and Life.

I used to not appreciate arts at all.
But I grew up, loving them instead :)

Sometimes, we need pictures and arts to explain the words more.
Ramadan Mubarak :) Be better.

Sketch this after class :) 
Love, Nadia Syamila.


Atikah Isa said...

Sis nadia ..... I <3 you :)

Nadia said...

i <3 u too @atikah isa may Allah bless u dear :)

Amirul Ashraf said...

A picture can describe thousand things that came from our heart. But only Allah knows better what is truly lies inside our heart... :)